"Here I Am !"

Jamaica is a country famous for many things. Whether it’s Reggae music, Bob Marley, Track&Field or beautiful beaches. Jamaica is relatively a young country just turning 55. The reality is Jamaica is a country figuring out it’s a way forward in this new and increasingly advancing world with a lot of dynamics due to “Globalization”. Jamaica was once home to one of the richest and wickedest cities in the Americas. Port Royal, where Pirates hid out and lived. Jamaica is a cultural melting pot with different ethnic groups and many untold stories that add to the complex fabric of the contemporary Jamaican society. The story of The Indo-Jamaicans is a very nuanced and complicated one and a shameful point in history for the British Empire. Indians have made great contributions to Jamaica since their first arrival as replacement for enslaved Africans in 1845. But yet this amazing story of survival and triumph goes widely undiscovered. Indians have played a major role in the early stages of Rastafari, with many elements of Indian life and traditions being adopted and used. Leonard P. Howell one of the founding fathers of the Rastafari movement spent many of years living amongst the Indian population. He went on to write a number of works. He used the pen name "Gangunguru Maragh". Bob Marley went by the nickname "Tuff Gong". Which is a play on “Gangunguru".

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