The Percentage

With a number of African Economies growing at a rapid pace annually. And more people moving from the rural to the urban. Words like GDP, Annual Report, Rate etc. get thrown around. But through these numbers, abbreviations and percentages. There are lives that need to be lived by everyday people doing everyday things. And sometimes these things feel like worlds apart. People and Percentages.

From Above (Nairobi, Kenya).JPG
Grand And Child (Kampala, Uganda).JPG
Hockey Nairobi (Nairobi, Kenya).JPG
Kampala Hustle (Kampala, Uganda).JPG
Kampala Market (Kampala, Uganda).JPG
Kampala Night Police Woman (Kampala, Uganda).JPG
Kampala Sidewalk (Kampala, Uganda).JPG
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Misty Morning (Kampala, Uganda).JPG
Obama (in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania).JPG
Street Performers (Nairobi, Kenya).JPG
The Bus (Kampala, Uganda).JPG
The Daily Buzz ( Kampala, Uganda).JPG
The Underground (Nairobi,Kenya).JPG
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